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0864574958 The reason for using Stellite as an intermediate coat when coating tungsten carbide over stainless steel

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Adherence of the new layer to the substrate and compatibility between the two (or more) materials, such as mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical and so on, are the issues you encounter when you are coating materials. You will seriously compromise the life of the coating if these issues aren’t solved. Chemical compatibility is the first and most important. The cobalt has a strong tendency to diffuse in steel, for cobalt in the WC-Co composite plays the role of binder between the hard tungsten carbide ceramic grains. If possible, it will alloy with iron rather than staying by itself while cementing tungsten carbide. So you tried to apply a WC-Co coating directly on steel, after some time, you will experience detachment and loss of consistency from the coating from the coating since the cobalt will diffuse in the steel leaving the tungsten carbide grains binderless

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