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WC Single crystal tungsten carbide powder carbide particle thermal powder spray


Price: $35.00 / Kg
  • Min. Order:50 KG
  • Product Code:WC
  • Model:
  • Processing Level:Class A
  • Grade:WOCO-CTP
  • Finished goods inventory:500 KG
  • N.W:500 KG
  • Specification:-40+635 Mesh
  • Tolerance:±1.0 Mesh
  • Delivery time:In stock, shipment at any time
  • Origin:China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
  • Operator telephone:0086 19136202396
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Different types of tungsten carbide have big differences in hardness, toughness, cladding properties, etc. During use, one or several mixtures can be reasonably selected as the hard ceramic phase according to the working conditions. A special process is used to mix tungsten powder and carbon black, and carbonize in a high-temperature carbonization furnace to obtain single crystal tungsten carbide. The hardness and toughness of this tungsten carbide are between cast tungsten carbide and sintered tungsten carbide. At the same time, it has good wettability to iron group metals. However, the content of single crystal tungsten carbide in the surface layer composite material cannot be too high, otherwise, the single crystal tungsten carbide is very prone to bridging, especially during the laser cladding process. The bonding force between the bridging surfaces is very weak, and it is easy to damage from there under external load, which causes the tungsten carbide to peel off and reduce the wear resistance.

Supply size: -40 mesh (425μm) ~ +635 mesh (20μm) Features: 1. Irregularly broken particles, high bonding strength with the substrate. 2. Large-size coarse crystals, dense particles, with good wettability to nickel, manganese and copper. 3. Excellent erosion resistance, microhardness≥1600HV0.1. Uses: welding materials, production of cemented carbide tools and wear-resistant materials, diamond drill bit matrix materials, spraying materials.